Q? Why is consuming local food a step forward towards a more sustainable planet?

In general, the air emissions, upstream and downstream impacts and life-cycle emissions from transportation of food over large distances are of greater magnitude and impact on the planet than emissions associated with local food production and consumption.

Q? How does consuming local food help my local economy?

By purchasing local food you are supporting local farms and businesses that employ people in your community and the surrounding areas. It helps money circulate more times within your local economy and creates and protects jobs.

Q? Can consumers find my business if I have not registered on Carptor?

No, to be located on Carptor you must register on-line or via the app.

Q? Does Carptor search on-line for food and services?

No, Carptor only searches its own internal database.

Q? Do I need to update the app on a regular basis?

No, you will receive a notice when app updates become available. Our database is updated independent of the app.

Q? Who updates the vendors’ food and service offerings?

It’s up to the vendors to update their profiles on a regular basis to ensure that the public has the most relevant offering of their food and services.

Q? Do you define “local food” within your app?

Because our app is global in presence what is local to some may be quite distant to others. Notwithstanding that some organizations do have recommended distance criteria for local food we have decided to leave it to the customer to visit or contact the vendors and make their own determination based on their preferences and location.

Q? If I register as a vendor can people outside my local area find me?

Yes, depending on the settings on a customer’s search they can see your profile regardless of their location or your location.

Q? Can I download the app from the website?

Yes, there is a link on the website that will direct you to the App store of your choice.

Q? Does the app work worldwide?

Yes, the Carptor app works wherever someone has access to the internet on the planet.

Q? How much does it cost to download the App?

The Carptor App is free to download.

Q? Can the App work on my mobile device?

The Carptor App is designed to work on any iPhone, Android or BBM system.

Q? How much does it cost to register as a vendor?

It’s free for vendors to register.

Q? Can I register in more than one vendor category?

Yes, if you feel your food and services cross different categories then go ahead and register for multiple categories.

Q? Can I register on the website as a vendor?

Yes, our website has been designed to allow for vendor registration.

Q? Do I have to register on both the website and the app as a vendor?

No, our database is interlinked so one registration covers both platforms.

Q? Can I register on the app as a vendor?

Yes, there is a portal to allow for vendors to register using the app and as noted above this covers you on both the web and the app.